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Apr 4, 2009

P59 Bkt Gantang - Nizar in the Clear!! -delcapo

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The morning didn’t start well…. latest stas for Pakatan Rakyat & Nizar for Bukit Gantang wasn’t looking good - Malay votes 35%, Indian/Chinese votes 65%…[Bergambar] which means they will lost by approx. 3,000 votes.

Main issues? Malay kampong folks are buying into BN’s “Nizar derhaka” propoganda.

Then came the afternoon… we trailed Nizar to Kampong Senduk.

2 pieces of good news!! relevant to the subject of “Nizar in the Clear !!”

(A) NIZAR in the Clear

Take this down NOW!!

Take this down NOW!!

Fresh from the Ipoh Highcourt on Nizar challenging the legitimacy of Zambry as MB of Perak…. Judge ruled that Nizar HAS a case… & “regrets that the Sultan did not take the MB (Nizar)’s recommendations to dissolve parliament”... which means NIZAR TIDAK DERHAKA (Nizar commited no Treason)!!!….. so BN/UMNO, pls take down all your smearing posters & eat your bloody words!!
(B) Nizar the clear People’s Leader

From the reactions of the crowd at Kampung Senduk this afternoon & the manner Nizar carried himself…. he is truly one of the Clear leaders of the rakyat.

Anwar calls him “the modern day Tun Perak”… delCapo says “hear ! hear!”

Here are the rest of the pix of the afternoon trailing Nizar.

More pix at Album Gallery..

Posting by delcapo
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